Dr Mehjabeen Beebeejaun
Consultant Physician, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist MBChB MRCP CCST Diabetes & Endocrinology (London, UK)

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Dr Mehjabeen B. Beebeejaun

MBChB MRCP CCST Diabetes & Endocrinology (London, UK)


Dr Mehjabeen Beebeejaun is a Consultant Physician, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist with over 10 years experience working in the UK. She obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of surgery in 2004 at the prestigious University of Cape Town in South Africa. She has then undertaken specialist training in world renowned diabetes and endocrine centres in the UK - St George’s Hospital and King’s College Hospital in London. She gained clinical expertise in Intensive Management of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes Technology, Diabetic Foot Medicine, Antenatal diabetes, Diabetic Kidney Disease, Obesity, Lipid treatment and Diabetes Psychology. In addition, she is widely skilled in managing Thyroid, Adrenal and Pituitary disorders and all other aspects of general endocrinology and Internal Medicine.

She is a member of the Royal College of Physicians ( Elected 2010) and also a member of professional bodies like Diabetes UK and Society for Endocrinology UK. She is an Executive Member of the Endocrinology and Diabetes Association of Mauritius.

Dr Beebeejaun is very dedicated and she is a strong advocate of patient education, autonomy and empowerment. A patient- centred approach is what she strives for. She believes in a multidisciplinary team effort and is in favour of integrated care plans , communication and follow up of patient care

Her practice in Mauritius has received a 'Clinical Excellence Award 2022' from the 'iWantGreatCare team' which is a trusted body for healthcare reviews.

The trusted site for healthcare reviews


She has been an educator in the Capacity Building Program Ageing Well for the Mauritius Sports Council for 2 years in a row – Health and fitness coaches were trained to better advise patients with diabetes in their physical activity programme – this was carried out both in Mauritius and in Rodrigues Island. She is also involved in a research programme in association with the University of Mauritius – The study will be exploring the psychological barriers in the management of diabetes in the Mauritian population.

Her aim is to bring first class British standards of care to the island. She is now the founder of The Curis Clinic in Labourdonnais Court in Port Louis where she works alongside a dietitian to support her patients.


Internal Medicine

This involves all aspects of general internal medicine. Annual health checks are also available upon request.


Thyroid, Adrenal and Pituitary disorders. Patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause, sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis are seen in this clinic


A patient-centred and modern approach with a world-class multidisciplinary team involved. Emphasis is on understanding the patient’s health needs and enabling them to take charge through intensive patient education and diabetes care plans. A psycho-social assessment is also done to identify barriers in managing diabetes. The aim is to achieve a fully comprehensive care to deliver excellent results and provide Diabetes Wellness.

Telephone Consultation and Electronic Results Follow up

This service is available for patients who have attended at least once for a Private Consultation or seen in the Diabetes Wellness Clinic. If you have any concerns with regards to your treatment or experience any intolerance to the tablets or injections, you can either request a call back or send an email. Dr Beebeejaun would also review your test results and contact you as needed. A report of the telephone conversation or email correspondence will be provided. This service is free of charge.


Medical Nutrition therapy remains the cornerstone of the management of diabetes , Obesity and medical conditions associated with hormonal imbalances. This tailor made service is provided across 2 sites by our experienced and qualified Dietitians:

Mrs. Hanaa Sohawon

Dietitian, Curis Clinic Port Louis

BSc (Hons) Nutritional Sciences (with specialisation in Dietetics)
MSc (Public Health) with merit University of Mauritius in collaboration with Imperial College, London

Mr. Loic Regnaud

Dietitian, Health Island, Curis Healthcare Rivière du Rempart

Bachelor with Honours in Dietetics (University of Western Cape, South Africa)


Foot care is provided by my esteemed colleagues from the Centre de Podologie at Curis Healthcare in Riviere du Rempart. More information on www.centredepodologiemru.com

Endocrine investigations unit riviere du rempart

The Curis Healthcare Endocrine Investigations Unit is a dedicated service provided in partnership with C-Lab , an ISO accredited (ISO 15189:2012) medical Laboratory of high standards. This is the first Endocrine Investigations Unit on the island , providing patients with endocrine disorders a one stop opportunity to undergo their dynamic endocrine testing. Some of the tests carried out are Oral Glucose Tolerance test, Synacthen test, Glucagon stimulation test, Prolonged oral glucose tolerance test, Growth hormone measurements, Hydrocortisone day curve. More info on www.c-care.mu/c-lab


The CURIS Clinic - Labourdonnais Court

The CURIS Clinic is a unique concept of integrated outpatient diabetes care and diabetes psychology that is dedicated to provide general health and wellness. We believe that the focus is not only on diagnosis and the treatment of diabetes but also on the psychosocial aspects of life that sometimes affect concordance with treatment. Innovative and evidenced-based treatment strategies in collaboration with a team of experts takes charge of the patient. Diabetes medical nutrition therapy and footcare also forms the basis of our diabetes treatment plans. Our model of care is based on high expertise, team effort and a ‘human’ approach.

The Endocrine care provided at The Curis Clinic includes a number of services:

Weight loss
Precision medicine is what we aim for to support our patients who need to achieve their ideal body weight. Motivational discussions, assessment of the patient’s unique metabolic status and hormonal imbalances promotes healthy and sustainable weight loss strategies.

Bone health
The daily aches and pains is sometimes thought of as the natural ageing process by many. Both men and women can be at risk of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis etc It is important that their Vitamin D status and bone health is evaluated to prevent long term problems such as fractures and deformities that can have a great impact on their quality of life. Particularly women who have had a hysterectomy and their ovaries removed at a young age should be aware of their higher risk of developing osteoporosis.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
This is often known as ‘hormonal imbalance’. Patients who have irregular periods, excess body and facial hair and acne need to have a full hormonal work up to establish a correct diagnosis. Lifestyle changes and medical therapy when needed can help to relieve symptoms of PCOS

Every women has their own experience of menopause which is a natural stage in life. Occasionally, distress is caused by abnormal mood swings, severe hot flushes and vaginal dryness. This is when it’s very important that help is sought.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)
ED is usually thought of as a taboo subject. ED is very common in patients with uncontrolled diabetes but can also herald testosterone deficiency which needs thorough investigations. About 30-40% of men who develop ED will have a heart attack within 3-5 years – ED is a marker of cardiovascular health and therefore should not be ignored.
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - 'The dark side'

Thyroid disorders
Expert advice would be given to patients with hypothyroidism , hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules. Patients with thyroid cancer and their follow up is also done at the Curis Clinic.
Un dérèglement de la tyroïde peut entrainer des conséquences graves

Pituitary disorders
The pituitary gland is the ‘control tower’ of all the other glands in the body. The pituitary can malfunction for a number of reasons , most of which if diagnosed early, are fully treatable.

Adrenal gland
There are a number of issues that can arise in the adrenal gland. Young patients who develop hypertension need to have a full evaluation of their adrenals. There is also a craze for alternative medicine, ayurvedic and homeopathic cures – these can have a profound effect on the adrenal glands causing severe lethargy in the patient. It is imperative that all alternative treatment is discussed with a doctor before going forward. The best alternative medicine is wholesome nutritious food.

Endocrine surgery
Advice would be given when endocrine surgery would be indicated in Mauritius. Endocrine surgery is often indicated for large or growing thyroid nodules , very large thyroid glands, enlarged pituitary glands etc . Complex cases will be presented overseas as appropriate. The clinic collaborates with a Multidisciplinary Team of Pituitary/Adrenal experts based in King’s College London Hospital. Cases can be presented virtually without the patient having to travel for an opinion.

Disorders of electrolytes
Low sodium, high potassium, low potassium, high sodium, high calcium, low calcium is all worked up in our setting.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a speciality that is not understood by many patients. This is a diagnostic and therapeutic science that looks at the patient holistically rather than focussing on one or two organs. A clinical history , examination and target investigations would help to reach a unifying diagnosis that enables targeted therapies. Internal Medicine is a fascinating branch of medicine. Common pathologies treated in the internal medicine branch are different kinds of anaemia, Vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune conditions, asthma, chest infections, cellulitis ( soft tissue infection of legs), urinary tract infections, meningitis, strokes etc

Note that the same services are provided across all consultation sites.

The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic The CURIS Clinic


  1. Pre-consultation questionnaire

    Filling this questionnaire prior to seeing your doctor helps her to understand your ideas and expectations as well as understand your health better.
    Download questionnaire

  2. How to make an appointment?

    Appointments with your doctor can be done at different locations. It is suggested that you call the medical secretary Salma on 214 2885 to guide you.

  3. Patient care plans

    Every consultation with Dr Beebeejaun generates a comprehensive electronic report which can either be emailed to the patient or a printed copy can be handed over to them. This report has a list of diagnoses, recent test results and a detail plan of action to be followed by the patient prior to the following appointment. This ensures continuity of care and can be used by healthcare professionals for patient information in case of an emergency.

  4. iWantGreatCare excellence award certificate

    One of the biggest healthcare reviews site has honoured us with a Certificate of Excellence in 2019 and 2020.

  5. Ramadan risk calculator

    Fasting in Ramadan can be a challenge to the patient with diabetes as there is always the risk of the blood sugars going too low or too high. This calculator helps the patient to assess his/her safety during the long hours of fasting. It is recommended that this calculator is used after discussion with your doctor.
    Download Calculator
    Advice to diabetics when fasting (French article)

  6. Gestational diabetes leaflet

    Diabetes in pregnancy can result in serious complications. Tight control of blood sugars is therefore a priority. This leaflet will guide you. Dr Beebeejaun will be discussing every step with you in details during the consultation. The leaflet will be handed or emailed to you after Consultation

  7. What to do in case of an emergency out of hours?

    If you have a medical emergency out of hours, your doctor suggest that you attend Casualty at City Clinic, Wellkin Hospital or Clinique de Grand Baie. The emergency team should then contact Dr Beebeejaun for taking over care.

  8. Patient support

    Dr Beebeejaun and her team feels that communication is very important and means a lot to patients. If there are any urgent issues with prescriptions, blood results or information that need to be passed on, please send an email. Your query will be dealt with promptly.

  9. Importance of nutrition and physical activity

    Teamwork is prime when it comes to taking charge of one’s health. Dr Beebeejaun advocates a multidisciplinary effort and works very closely with dietitians and fitness coaches. To book a consult with the Dietitian, contact Samia, Medical Secretary at The Curis Clinic on 214 2885

Diabetes and Oral Health

Poor diabetes control can lead to a number of problems with your oral health. High blood sugars causes gum disease which can result in bacterial and fungal infections in the mouth, bad breath and tooth loss. It is therefore important to see your dentist if you develop a sore or dry mouth, swellings or bleeding in your gums and halitosis (bad breath).

Dr Beebeejaun Shehaad BChD is a Dental Surgeon who qualified at the prestigious University of Western Cape in South Africa in 2008. He has over 10 years experience working in Beau Bassin, Mauritius. He offers an array of treatments ranging from basic fillings, dentures, root cannals, cerec crowns and dental implants.

To book an appointment Call 465 2771 or 465 5549.

Email: drshet0b4df)rUhaad@hotm500rYbr0@t0b4df)rUail.com

Address: 16A Dr Emile du Vivier street, Beau Bassin Mauritius

His practice specialises in Cerec crowns and Ankylos Dental Implants. Cerec crowns are dental crowns done within 1 hour. Digital impression is taken with an intra oral scanner, images are processed on a computer and the crown milled in ceramics blocks in front of the patient. The ceramic used mainly is Emax from Ivoclar Vivadent, a German company. Only the best branded dental implants are used. Ankylos from Dentsply Sirona, Germany. Dr Shehaad Beebeejaun only believes in Original implants, hence Ankylos.

Sirona Cerec Crowns Procedure Ankylos Dental Implants

In his pratice, quality and hygiene is the main priority. Only the best brands and products are used.

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